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Available in 2-Up, 4-Up and 8-Up, CTP is faster and pays for itself with saving in material and labuor.


Combined with ripping, trapping, proofing and imposition solution, We are the channel partner of Msky Product.


Thermal and the conventional Computer to Plate (CTP) can improve your quality, reduce make-ready and labour, and increase your throughput :



For baking CTP and conventional plates.

Vertical oven for thermosetting of presensitized plates is fitted perfect thermal insulation, stored baking times.

Heat proof bulk head with open oven and possibility of fast cooling after use.

Digital indications for all parameters.

Timer for thermosetting control with Electronic Buzzer.

Size available:   840mm x 1050mm,
                            1050mm x 1300mm.

*Other size available on request.*

Max Plate Area

820*1030 mm


0.5 hp

Power Load

3 Phase. 440v,8.5 kw



Plate Punch is design for punching printing plates, Foils, Proofing and films.


Precise design & tooling & best metallurgy ensure accurate registration and long life.


Perfection in planning, exposing and printing makes registration fast, accurate & convenient, thus saves time, paper and money.


Punch is hand operated, with auto centering system & device, with punching stations ranging from 2 to 10 suitable for all types of offset machine.


The eggs are checked the next morning for evidence of normal fertilization


For Web offset Plates

Cut of Size :   578mm, 546mm
                         560mm, 508mm Kereta Sambung Bayar

Other sizes available on request.

Optional: Vacuum suction system for plates grip.
                New locator system (Single Operation for both locators).